I am blessed to be a part of such a brilliant campaign as Bud Light Real Men of Heroes/Genius. The product of awesome, consistently funny writing from the greats at DDB Chicago, including Mark Gross and meticulous engineering by Dave Gerbosi, now of "Another Country" in Chicago, leaves me with a bucket full of thanks. Due to a talented team, working together, these commercials transcended advertising and became entertainment. They became bits, not spots. With over 200 produced since 1998 there are a bazillion great lines. Over the next few months I will feature a few hand picked pieces that were the toughest to try to get through with out cracking-up.

Helping to pick a few of these is David Bickler, the singer. David, former lead voice of Survivor, famous for 'Eye of the Tiger', is working on new songs and an album, coming out in 2010. So crack open an ice cold Bud Light and here's to a great client A-B Bud Light, who let this comedy loose. Great writing wins.

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Background Check: Second City Trained, 15 years in Morning Radio, Writer-Producer comedy bits and commercials with several Windy Awards and RAB. I love what I do.

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